There are many differences between WBM and WBM Tycoon. To see what's new in Tycoon just click the banner at the right.
But if you prefer a management game, were you play only as the club's manager without worry about the finances, then WBM classic might be the right game for you.

So what is included in WBM that WBM Tycoon misses?

  • In WBM classic you can also take control of National Teams and play tournaments like World Cup, Olympics, Eurobasket, American Cup and many more National Team tournaments.

  • You have the ability to change countries and teams during your career as an international basketball manager.

  • You never have to worry about club's finances. If the club gets bankrupt you can always move to another club.

  • Using suggestions, demands and ultimatums, you have the ability to get the club's administration to make more money available for transfers, lower targets, change the team's financial status etc.

  • You have a boss! The administration can fire you anytime they think that the team is not performing well enough, or if you miss a target.

  • Play with a friend or you can have more than one manager at the same time in different teams.

You can visit the official site and find out more about the game.